Jean Couturier worked with Yves Saint Laurent during the 60', he is one of the founders of YSL Parfums.

Meanwhile his wife Jacqueline Couturier became a talented perfumer in Grasse, they found together its own Perfume house in 1972.

In 1973 Jacqueline Couturier composed Coriandre.

She summarizes what Coriandre is for her:

"In Coriandre I wanted to find the olfactiv emotions of my youth: the subtle and delicate perfume of my mother and the captivating scents of the campaign in Grasse"


JEAN COUTURIER - Coriandre Eau de Toilette

JEAN COUTURIER - Coriandre Eau de Toilette

Coriandre Eau de Toilette by Jean Couturier

Chypre floral fragrance

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